Saturday, March 22, 2014

Teen Tech Week 2014

March 9-15th was Teen Tech Week.  For most of that week I was away at the PLA, but before I headed out, I got my TAG group together to build "Doodling Robots" at one of our meetings!

I can't claim responsibility to buying these kits since this activity was prepared ahead of time by my predecessor.  We had three kits to work with, which is perfect for the size of my current regular TAG kids.  I normally have between three to six kids regularly attending, which, for the size of my community, isn't too bad.  They ripped open the kits and enthusiastically built the bots.  Of course, they had to try them out and even let them 'battle.'

For the rest of the week, we had them on display behind the reference desk, where any of the after school kids, and even the curious adults, could check one out with some paper and play around with them.  By adjusting the pens, the bots could doodle in a circle, or bop along randomly.
The after school crowd as particularly fascinated.  We used the bots at the end of the week as prizes for participation (volunteering), so the bots got loving new homes.  Programs like this requiring little effort or maintenance can be well received in your community.  Sometimes the unexpected is what the kids in my library are looking for!

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