Monday, March 10, 2014

Fish Fingers and Custard - A Whovians Club Adventure

Whovian noun
 A fan of the British science fiction television series Doctor Who:
as a fan from way back, Barrowman is well aware of just how passionate Whovians are about everything ‘Who’
-- Oxford Dictionaries

I am a HUGE Doctor Who fan and super excited to start a group for teens that share my enthusiasm for everything related to the Doctor.  Unfortunately I missed the inaugural meeting of this epic new group, but I was back and ready to go for the second!

Looking back for a moment..  The first club meeting got things going by making bowties!  Because bowties are cool.. 
These awesome bowties were completely no sew.  I slightly altered this bowtie making tutorial to make them easy and quick to do!  And a GIANT thank you to Miss Kristen for filling in for me!  I appreciate her willingness to jump in and learn who Rose Tyler is..  The teens asked Miss Kristen if they could make fezzes at the next meeting.  She said she would pass the message on to me.  And I said CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

Duct tape fezzes!  Both stylish and fun to make!  If fezzes are cool, then duct tape fezzes are AWESOME!  I found this tutorial on how to make homemade fezzes.  It was a little too involved and required a sewing machine.  I used the patterns they provided and traced them out on cardstock and covered the whole thing in duct tape.  A bit of yarn poked through the top made a great tassel.

I think they turned out wonderful and the teens looked amazing!
I would like each club meeting to include a game or challenge so this month's was all about the monsters of Doctor Who.  I pinned these bad guys on the board and challenged the teens to information on who they were and when they first appeared on the show.  They knew them all, even some episode titles!  (Images found from googling each character on the Internet)
The highlight of this club meeting was the snack!  Fish Fingers and Custards!  (Shhh... It was really fish sticks and vanilla pudding!)  They actually scooped their custard with the fish fingers.  I love the 11th Doctor, but I don't think I would eat like him.  Gross!  But they loved it!

One of the teens made up a game to play.  His version of Guess Who.. He called it Doctor Who!  They took turns picking a character and the others asked yes or no questions in order to guess WHO?!  It was awesome to discover how much they really know about the show.  And I learned that I will have to up the skill level on future games! 

I really enjoyed this group of teens.  They are smart and witty and got along incredibly well for not knowing each other.  I am looking forward to future meetings with them and excited about the adventures we will have alongside the Doctor!

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